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We transform lives, one smile at a time.

We’re proud to share some of the latest smile transformations we’ve created for our patients. These real cases involve treatment plans that combine the latest in orthodontics & clear aligners, porcelain crowns & bridges, veneers and teeth whitening.

Ron has a new lease on life.

Ron initially came to us for help to fix the extreme sensitivity and pain he experienced every time he ate or drank. It was clear that decades of stress, neglect and bruxism had taken their toll on his teeth and his confidence. His teeth had degraded and suffered significant attrition. Sadly as a result, Ron had completely forgotten how to smile. A full mouth rehabilitation was undertaken to give Ron a beautiful, functioning smile again! He now has a spring in his step and looks and feels like a completely new man.

smile makeover veneers sydney
smile rehabilitation sydneysmile makeover rouse hill
rouse hill porcelain veneers
porcelain veneers rouse hillrouse hill porcelain veneers

Cherie no longer fears the dentist.

Cherie was in tears the first time she visited us. Extreme dental anxiety and the fear of being judged had held her back from visiting the dentist for years. A history of heavy smoking and neglect had ravaged her oral and dental health, and her dislike of her smile was holding her back from her relationship, social life, and excelling at work. She decided to do something about it and came to us for a smile makeover. After first treating her gum disease, we used porcelain veneers and crowns to transform her smile. Now, being at the dentist feels just like home. She’s stronger, more confident and most importantly, never been happier in her life.

Irene can’t stop smiling.

Irene lost her back teeth several years ago following treatment for leukemia. Sadly, her front teeth weren’t in the greatest shape either. Her treatment plan included a beautiful set of porcelain crowns, a partial denture and composite resin bonding.

In a few short weeks, Irene’s smile has been completely transformed! She’s gained a whole lot more confidence and…how much younger does she look?!

smile transformation crowns and veneers
clear aligners sydney
sydney invisalign dentistinvisalign dentist rouse hill

Martin is thrilled with his new smile!

After enduring an asymmetrical and misaligned smile for over 30 years, Martin decided it was time to do something for himself. Using clear aligner treatment follwed by tooth recontouring, Dr Britt was able to correct Martin’s severe dental crowding to give him a brand new smile that he could be proud of sharing with the world. He now has a new found confidence and is thrilled with the result!

A new smile for Karyn.

Karyn was so self conscious about her teeth that she would cover her mouth every time she laughed. Her daughter’s wedding was around the corner, so there was no better time to start her smile makeover journey. We designed a new smile to correct her misshapen & misaligned teeth and a peg lateral (a smaller tooth shaped like a peg). Her treatment plan included Zoom in-chair teeth whitening, 6x porcelain crowns and veneers and a lower denture. She is thrilled with the result!

clear braces rouse hill transformation
clear braces before and after photos

A straighter and healthier smile.

For decades, Sam had endured being self-conscious about his overlapping and significantly crowded teeth. He was also finding it super hard to keep his lower teeth clean which meant he was at high risk of developing gum disease down the track. Sam decided it was time to do something about it, so he came to us to help him achieve a healthier and straighter smile.

We completed Sam’s clear aligner treatment shortly after he and his wife welcomed their first child – an adorable little girl! Now he can focus on the things that truly matter and not let his teeth or smile ever hold him back.

Align. Bleach. Bond. Repeat.

For Nicole’s transformation we followed the ultimate, not-so-secret formula for a beautiful smile makeover. First, we used SmileStyler clear aligners to straighten her teeth and correct the crowding. Second, we bleached her teeth using Zoom-in-chair whitening. And thirdly, we masked the fact that she was congenitally missing lateral incisors by using composite bonding and recountouring on her canines and the surrounding dentition to give her teeth an aesthetic shape and a facially-harmonoious smile curve. Nicole now smiles with confidence!

align, bleach, bond at the grove dental rouse hill
align, bleach, bond at the grove dental rouse hill
clear braces before and after box hill
box hill clear braces transformationbox hill clear braces transformation

Bella’s not hiding her smile anymore!

When we first met Bella, she was a beautiful young girl who was a little shy and very self-conscious of her crooked and protruding teeth. Unfortunately because of them, she had been on the receiving end of some hurtful nicknames as a child. We knew that with SmileStyler clear aligners, we could help! In little over a year (and just in time for her next school photos!) we completed Bella’s smile transformation using clear braces. We have watched her grow and mature in so many ways and have witnessed a huge, positive impact that a beautiful straight smile has had on her. We’re very proud of you Bella!

Restoring Teigan’s smile after dental trauma

A series of unfortunate playground incidents from the age of 10 (one involving a basketball to the face!) led to Teigan’s two front teeth being significantly traumatised and broken. Her treatment plan involved root canal treatment on both front teeth, Zoom in-chair teeth whitening and the placement of two beautifully matched porclein crowns. Needless to say, it was immensely rewarding to see Teigan and her dad smiling again – many happy tears were shed!

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reparing dental trauma

Want a healthier, more beautiful smile?

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