Checkup & Clean

Comprehensive Dental Checkup & Clean

We help people achieve optimal oral health – and that’s something to smile about!

dental checkup & clean at The Grove Dental Rouse Hill

At The Grove Dental Rouse Hill, we strongly believe that having a regular comprehensive checkup & clean is the first step to achieving optimal oral hygiene and keeping your smile looking great. We liken your regular dental checkup & clean to sending your car in for its regular logbook service to prevent and avoid the need for costly repairs later down the track. A well serviced car lasts longer, looks better and functions far more efficiently than a non-serviced one. Your oral health is very much the same. Comprehensive oral examinations and cleaning can identify and resolve potential problems (e.g. plaque, tartar and stains) well before they develop into serious issues for your oral health and overall wellbeing, and keeps your pearly whites shining, smiling and working for you longer.

Your oral health is significantly connected to your overall health: Healthy mouth? Healthy body.

Over the last fifteen years, overwhelming scientific evidence suggests that poor oral health is significantly associated with serious, major chronic diseases. These chronic conditions include cardiovascular and respiratory disease, diabetes, stroke, kidney disease, dementia, adverse pregnancy outcomes, stomach ulcers, oral cancers and obesity. A regular checkup & clean not only keeps your mouth healthy, but more importantly, keeps your body healthy. During your checkup & clean, Dr Britt will also be undertaking a comprehensive examination for signs of nutritional deficiency, general infection and oral cancer. Signs of these potentially devastating conditions first appear in your mouth and regular checks by Dr Britt can lead to early detection.

Dr Britt is your trusted Rouse Hill family dentist. Our new patient special is No Gap for a comprehensive oral examination and clean (including X-rays, fluoride treatment and polish) for those with a valid health fund. This same special offer is $175 for patients without a health fund. For a gentle and thorough dental experience, then call now to make an appointment at The Grove Dental Rouse Hill.