General Family Dentistry

general family dentist rouse hill

The Grove Dental Rouse Hill is a one stop shop for your whole family’s general dental needs.

At The Grove Dental we are firm believers that staying on top of your family’s general oral health and preventative dentistry is the best way to maintain the health of your teeth and avoid the need for any costly dental treatment later down the track. Some of the best education you can impart on your loved ones,  particularly your children, is that getting into the habit of having regular 6-monthly checkup and cleans will do wonders for your smile and oral hygiene. This is a philosophy that Dr Britt and her entire family live and swear by.

Got a sore or cracked tooth that’s causing you intolerable pain? Do you avoid chewing on a certain side of your mouth, or avoid certain foods as a result? For those whose smiles need a little extra TLC, The Grove Dental Rouse Hill is equiped with the latest and most advanced dental technology to fix all common dental problems. Dr Britt’s goal is to work with you to achieve and maintain optimal dental health for you and your family, for life.

Our family-friendly dental practice in Rouse Hill offers all general dental services including:

  • COMPREHENSIVE CHECKUP & CLEAN – Regular checkups are important to maintain oral health and prevent tooth decay.

  • WHITE DENTAL FILLINGS – Safe materials that blend seamlessly with your teeth.

  • ROOT CANAL TREATMENT –  An effective, pain-free way of saving teeth whose nerve pulp is damaged or diseased.

  • CROWNS – Crowns protect and cover fragile teeth following damage or extensive restoration.

  • GUM DISEASE – Gum disease leads to tooth mobility and loss. Gum treatments and deep cleans help save teeth.

  • BRIDGES – Bridges can help fill spaces where teeth are missing.

  • EXTRACTIONS – Removal of wisdom teeth or teeth that cannot be saved.

  • DENTURES – Dentures help replace missing teeth to regain function.

We’d love to care for you and your family.

It’s easy to book an appointment at The Grove Dental Rouse Hill – call our friendly team or use our online booking system. We look forward to meeting you soon.