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rouse hill dentist dr britt hakim

Dr Britt Hakim

BDent (USyd) BAppSci. (UBC) BBiochem (UVic)

Dr Britt has earned herself a reputation as one of north west Sydney’s leading dentists with her honest, skilled and compassionate approach to dental care. From her childhood, Dr Britt knew that she wanted a career that would enable her to make a difference in people’s lives. Dentistry gave her the opportunity to combine her love and curiosity for the human body, with her creative and artistic talents, to make tangible, life changing transformations for her patients’ smiles. Having completed her studies in dentistry at the University of Sydney, Dr Britt has particular interest in orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers. She also adores kids (and they adore her!) and strongly believes in empowering her patients by proactively educating them about their oral health.

Prior to pursing her career in dentistry, Dr Britt completed degrees in Biochemistry (University of Victoria, BC, Canada) and Applied Science (University of British Columbia, BC, Canada) and during this time she was actively engaged at the forefront of cancer and HIV/AIDS research at some of Canada’s leading research institutes. Her research gave her the opportunity to volunteer with some of the poorest and most marginalised communities in the world, including delivering health care in mud huts in Africa and working with homeless and indigenous groups on the roughest streets of Vancouver, where the rates of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis are comparable to that in developing countries. These experiences have shaped Dr Britt to be an empathetic, attentive and caring practitioner who listens to her patients and seeks to provide personalised care in a comfortable and trusted environment.

Dr Britt and her family are local residents who value giving back to the community. Her husband Dr Jono is also a valued member of The Grove Dental family.  And of course, she wouldn’t be complete without her two sons, her human son Noah and her canine cavoodle son Gus – who is by far the most popular member of our team.

Australian Dental Association Member
Australian Dental Association Member
rouse hill dentist dr jeremy pak

Dr Jeremy Pak


Dr Jeremy is a gentle and caring dentist who is trusted by his patients. Inspired by his parents who have worked in healthcare for over 25 years, Dr Jeremy embarked on a career in dentistry with the strong desire to help people. He understands the importance of creating a safe and non-judgemental environment for his patients to feel comfortable and at ease, and he enjoys working with his patients (both young and old!) to help them achieve a healthy and confident smile. Dr Jeremy completed his studies at Charles Sturt University, and has volunteered at clinics in under privileged areas across NSW and in the grossly under-resourced, mountainous areas of rural Nepal. These experiences have moulded him into an ethical and empathetic clinician who is a great listener and sensitive to the needs of his patients. Dr Jeremy has a keen interest in endodontics and cosmetic dentistry, and is currently completing a Graduate Diploma in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry through the Australian College of Dental Practitioners.

dr ying shi chang oral surgeon rouse hill

Dr Ying Shi Chang

BDS GradDip ClinSurgery (Surgical Dentistry) (USYD) DClinDent Oral Surgery (USYD)

Dr Ying Shi Chang is passionate about patient-centric care and our patients love her warm and comforting nature. Dr Ying Shi believes in and is committed to open and honest communication, and collaborating with our patients, their carers, and other health practitioners to provide personalised, evidence-based care. Dr Ying Shi is a board registered Specialist Oral Surgeon, having obtained her specialist qualifications from the University of Sydney. She holds the position of Staff Specialist with NSW Health and operates across a number of hospitals in the Sydney LHD including the Sydney Dental Hospital. She has also previously held positions at the Nepean and Westmead Centres for Oral Health, Orange Base Hospital, Dubbo Oral Health Clinic, Royal North Shore Hospital, and Charles Sturt University Clinics. Dr Ying Shi is also passionate about giving back to the dental profession by educating, training and mentoring future dentists and surgeons. For the past 10 years she has been involved in the oral surgery teaching programmes at both Charles Sturt University and the University of Sydney, and she is currently a Lecturer in Oral Surgery at the University of Sydney (School of Dentistry).

rouse hill dental practice manager jonathan hakim

Dr Jono Hakim

BSc Adv Hons (USyd) PhD (USyd)

Dr Jono has joined forces with his wife, our principal dentist Dr Britt, on a mission to bring modern, high quality dentistry to our local community in north west Sydney. Having completed a PhD in pain neurobiology and behavioural neuroscience, Dr Jono understands the debilitating effects that pain (especially tooth pain!) and anxiety can have on one’s quality of life. This motivates Dr Jono to ensure that The Grove Dental offers a comfortable, relaxing and family-friendly environment for our patients of all ages. Prior to his role with The Grove Dental, Dr Jono was a lecturer in the School of Medicine at the University of Sydney and is also an accomplished, award-winning photographer.

rouse hill dental assistant steph



Stephanie has ten years’ experience as a dental assistant and clinical coordinator. As a local herself, she is passionate about educating our local community about their oral health and ensuring that our patients understand every step of their dental treatment. Stephanie possesses a wonderful calm and warmth that puts our patients completely at ease, and she goes the extra mile to ensure our patients feel welcome and comfortable at every visit.  During her time away from work she enjoys spending time with her two young children and partner.

dental assistant rouse hill sharrina


rouse hill dental assistant ria


rouse hill dental therapy dog gus

Augustus “Gus” Horatio Hakim

Puppy Pre-School (USyd) Puppy High-School (USyd)

Big name. Tiny dog. Gus is the star member of The Grove Dental Rouse Hill team. Having also graduated with honours from The University of Sydney, Gus has a special way of melting hearts within seconds (it’s called being ‘Cavoodled’!). When he’s around the clinic, Gus is the best little greeter there is and puts nervous or anxious patients immediately at ease. He hangs out at reception or in the kids play room, and what he doesn’t have in size and stature, he makes up for in love, kisses and cuddles. Gus was Dr Britt’s first canine patient and if you look carefully, you’ll find Gus’ puppy teeth on display. Yep, all carefully extracted by Dr Britt herself. Being the son of a dentist, Gus has picked up a few of his own dental party tricks and can conduct dental check ups on command.