Dental Fillings

dental fillings in rouse hill

We offer natural tooth-coloured dental fillings in Rouse Hill.

It can be a little daunting to learn that you have a tooth that is in need of urgent repair. Rest assured, because at The Grove Dental Rouse Hill, repairing teeth and restoring them to their original glory is what we do best. Whether your tooth has experienced decay or has been worn down or eroded, we use the the latest modern and safe materials to re-build and re-strengthen your teeth. We are an amalgam-free practice and use newer restorative materials that colour match and blend seamlessly with your existing tooth structure – you wouldn’t even know you had a filling!

All of our dental fillings procedures are undertaken in our calm, modern and relaxing clinic, and usually under local anaesthetic. This ensures the experience is as pain-free and anxiety-free as possible.

If you are considering teeth whitening after your dental filling to restore your smile, be sure to speak to Dr Britt about your treatment options. Dental filling materials cannot be whitened and will be matched to your existing tooth colour at the time they are placed. For this reason, Dr Britt encourages doing any cosmetic work that improves the colour or shade of your teeth, before placing any fillings, so that fillings match your brighter smile.

Restore your smile with tooth coloured fillings in Rouse Hill.

Don’t delay restoring your teeth and improving their overall health and function – call our friendly team or book online to meet with one of our skilled dentists.