Dental Monitoring Patient Guide

We are evolving the face of orthodontics in north-west Sydney. Dental Monitoring is the revolutionary smartphone app that allows Dr Britt and our team to track your orthodontic treatment progress remotely. You will use this app and the Dental Monitoring ScanBox Pro to send us regular selfies of your teeth and we’ll assess these against the 3D plan that we generated before we commenced your treatment. We’ll be checking in on your treatment progress more frequently and communicating with you via the DM app to ensure your treatment stays on track. Any issues with treatment will be identified and addressed immediately, rather than waiting until your next appointment.

Using Dental Monitoring means increased communication, better treatment efficiency for faster results, less in-person appointments and commuting, and the ultimate convenience to progress through treatment from home, work, school or holiday – wherever there is an internet connection!

The Benefits of Dental Monitoring

How To Use Your ScanBox Pro

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